Jamie & Sam // Maine Engagement

I have known Jamie forever and Sam ever since he charmed Jamie into dating him. I love love love these two and the way that they are with each other! They are so sweet and patient with each other. I am so glad they they trusted me to take their engagement pictures and I can't wait to take their wedding pictures as well.

Sam's mom manages a HUGE farm in Southern Maine and not everyone is just allowed on this farm land so I felt pretty honored to explore the land with them. This location was special because it means a lot to Sam's family, but it is also the land that these two are getting married on. They will be tying the knot on this gorgeous land next year and I obviously CAN'T WAIT. We started the afternoon in a huge open field, moved down toward the water, watched some sun bathers on Higgins Beach, and ended the session getting eaten by mosquitoes up on a path at sunset.