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"Would I rather be feared, or loved? Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me."

JK JK that is not at all true, but if you couldn't tell, The Office is definitely my favorite show of all time. But I also do other things besides take pictures and watch The Office. I was a college soccer player turned sub-par gym go-er. I love trying new workout classes in NYC and if you ever need a pal to join you for Soul Cycle or Barre or even that new workout in the city where they zap you with electric currents while you’re working out… I am your girl.

I also like to cook, but not as much as I love to eat the food I cook. Dark chocolate is one of my main food groups. I believe that any bad day can be turned into a good day by going to the beach.

This job has been the biggest blessing not just because of the freedom it allows me and the places it has taken me, but because I've met so many cool people and seen some seriously inspiring love. 

I BELIEVE in marriage. And while your marriage will last forever, your memories of the day will likely fade. SO HIRE ME FRIENDS... to capture those laughs with your bridesmaids, tears with your husband, and hugs with your parents. Let's get em all on camera so you can re-live the day over and over, just as it happened. 

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